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Kelsey Fons

Kelsey is a People Experience Advisor with Tangata, LLC. She brings various experiences in operations, change management, and strategy for many industries such as museums, wellness centers, real estate, technology, hospitality, and non-profits. She obtained her Master’s in Business Administration and continues her pursuit of knowledge through entrepreneurship courses, changes management, and project management methodologies. Kelsey continues to learn and adapt in search of efficient solutions. Her passion is to foster creativity by connecting people to solve complex problems, leading to an authentic and unique client experience.

Visual Communications in Business: What is Internal Branding?

Internal branding is a "corporate philosophy that focuses on bringing the company's core culture, identity, and premise to its employees as well as its consumers, and usually looks to make workers at all levels "ambassadors" or true representatives of the company and its ideals" according to SmartCapitalMind.

Many companies have a great brand with a well-defined mission, vision, and values but fail to live those values as a company. Focusing on marketing, customer service, and sales as the main drivers of the brand leaves a considerable gap—employees at all levels of the organization work for the same company with the same brand. Still, many cannot articulate the company's mission when asked.

In that case, what are they coming to work every day for? Just for a paycheck? This is a problem as a high-level employee of a company that you believe in. You want all employees to feel in it and make daily decisions that lead to better company outcomes.

This can seem like a daunting problem when you already have a lot of the groundwork already in place. All you must do is take your brand that is already doing a great job with its external focus and turn it inward. In other words, you must start living and encouraging others to live the brand by quizzing employees at the beginning of every internal meeting on the mission, vision, and values, using brand colors throughout the office or in online tools, and bringing positive attention to decisions that are made that reflect the company brand.