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Nonprofit organizations have been around since the 1900s. Times have changed, and with the growing number of organizations comes a greater risk of failure. The National Council of Nonprofit organizations highlighted the critical trends for charitable nonprofits in 2022 they are as follows:

  • Limited resources,
  • Increase demands on nonprofit organizations because of an increased need for help, and
  • A need for active advocates to represent their nonprofit missions.

The ability to navigate these trends requires a greater dependency on technology. Many nonprofits believe that allocating money to technology might not be possible due to limited budgets. That might prove to be shortsighted. Investing in technology platforms such as HubSpot has proven to:

  • Expand an organization's recognition,
  • Increase its reach to target audiences, and
  • Optimize its fundraising abilities.

There are three main areas that technology investments can prove to be beneficial to a nonprofit organization: marketing contact management, website/content management, and tools to strengthen their marketing efforts.

Contact Relationship Management (CRM)

Contact relationship management is how companies store information on their customers to help improve their marketing strategies. Another name for this is customer or contact relationship management or CRM. Companies track CRM to improve their technology and to create better customer service relationships. They can track how customers react to their technology and communications and how much time customers spend on specific website areas. Nonprofits can use this technology to their advantage as it helps improve their relationship with donors, partners, and sponsors. Nonprofit organizations are constantly trying to reach a more committed audience and engage with them more personally. An easy-to-use CRM can go a long way toward facilitating this goal.

The key to success in nonprofit work is knowing the interests and level of commitment of both your current and potential donors, clients, and volunteers. Data has always been vital and plays an essential role in managing these relationships. For nonprofit organizations, that requirement can vary widely. The flexibility of an effective CRM such as HubSpot can make it easy for organizations to customize their needs for information depending on their goal or campaign, making the platform a unique tool in donor acquisition. When evaluating a CRM for your nonprofit, it is essential to know any platform constraints. Platforms like HubSpot enable you to create different contact lists based on your organization's specific criteria. This can be an invaluable asset when launching various campaigns simultaneously. HubSpot has features that allow the user to share information on a particular donor, track that donor's activity on the organization's website, and follow up with the donor via various communication channels. Knowing where their interest lies is key to keeping donors engaged and committed. HubSpot offers FREE customer relationship management (CRM) tools to nonprofit organizations.

Content Management System (CMS)

Website content management is crucial to any company. Managing your website correctly can enhance your organization's credibility. Websites constantly being updated are more likely to be visited on the internet as they are ranked as higher valued sites. Like all organizations, nonprofits should focus on search engine optimization, or SEO, to increase visibility to potential donors and clients. When evaluating content management systems for your website, ensure they have built-in SEO features to strengthen inbound marketing sales. Using a "one-cloud-based" platform and keeping everything centrally located and easily accessible can go a long way in making the system easy for the team.

Once you have optimized your ability to stand out in the search engine space, you want to successfully nurture your relationship with your target viewer and transform them into donors. A robust CMS should allow you to create an easily accessible website that will positively impact the user experience and lead to a more faithful donor base. The interaction between the potential donor and your website will determine the website's position in the search engine. There is so much content these days that differentiating yourself from the group is paramount to a successful business endeavor. Optimizing and tracking your success in both the search engine position and the quality of the content on your website ensures that your nonprofit organization stands out amongst its peers.

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HubSpot offers endless tools to strengthen your Nonprofit

HubSpot partners with over 4000+ nonprofit organizations and provides a 40% discount on their resources. According to HubSpot sources, "The National Institute for Fitness & Sports reported in a HubSpot Case Study that when they implemented the system, they achieved a 228% increase in web traffic and a 216% increase in leads".

HubSpot offers a three-prong approach to nonprofit organizations looking to build their presence. Combining marketing, sales, and content management strategy ensures that every aspect is covered. The seamless integration of these three hubs in one cloud-based technology solution allows nonprofit organizations to improve communication and engagement with their potential and existing donors.

The marketing hub allows organizations to increase the traffic to their website, gather information on existing and potential donors, follow up with those prospective and existing donors and create campaign metrics that allow them to run more effective fundraising efforts.

The sales hub facilitates the cultivation of donors by gathering targeted information on each potential user. The platform's flexibility also allows for donations to be made directly and communications between the organization and the donors to be tracked.

The CMS (content management system) helps you build a robust website with customized features.

HubSpot is flexible and integrates different aspects of fundraising. This platform will enable the organization to balance email management, social media content, and payment options, all within a single cloud-based SAAS platform.

Tangata is a HubSpot Gold Partner. We would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your nonprofit organization and discuss how HubSpot might be a possible partner in promoting your organization and cause.


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